Baking and making desserts is one of the best parts about celebrating various winter holidays like Christmas. If you love to give out candy and baked goods on holidays, then you can take things one step further. By working with a custom rubber manufacturer, you can have custom candy molds made for your holiday celebrations. These molds are great for working with chocolate, sugar, and other types of candy treats. Various rubber materials are treated and checked for proper food safety. The following five custom mold ideas can easily fit into your holiday plans and be used for multiple years as you create all types of desserts for family and friends. By getting the molds produced well before the holiday season, you can be fully prepared and ready to create all types of candies.

Candy Cane Molds

Instead of purchasing packaged candy canes, you can design a mold and create your own creations. For example, instead of the traditional curved shape of a candy cane, you can order a mold that is in the shape of a letter. This allows you to create designs based off of your own last name or other people's names. You can also choose from fun shapes like zig-zags, wavy lines, or swirls.

Using a candy cane mold also gives you more control of the ingredients you put inside. For example, if you have friends or family members that keep artificial dyes out of their diet, then you can create a candy cane without any dyes in it. A majority of mass produced candy canes use these dyes to produce the vivid red colors.

Candy Greeting Cards

Instead of sending out a traditional greeting card, a custom rubber mold can be produced to help you create an edible greeting card. The molds can feature text like "Merry Christmas" and various designs like Christmas trees, snowmen, and other holiday icons. You can take things one step further with your mold design by including the family name in the lettering. Then you can use your favorite chocolate or candy to fill the mold and create a batch of the cards.You can wrap the cards up in plastic and hand them out to family and friends while enjoying the holiday season. These cards can become a new tradition and something everyone looks forward to when the holidays arrive.

Holiday Movie Molds

Another great tradition during winter holidays is gathering around to watch classic holiday films. Mix the best of both worlds by purchasing custom molds that feature titles, themes, and icons related to the films. These molds can make fun and festive candies that you can give out to other fans of the film. For example, if you're a fan of A Christmas Story, then you can have a mold made similar to the leg lamp design featured in the film. Fans of Home Alone 2: Lost in New York can have custom molds made that feature turtle doves. When you use white chocolate with the turtle dove molds, you can have a nice treat that looks similar to the gift that Kevin gives to his friend in the film. Write a list of your favorite holiday films and some of the icons or scenes that you can make candy out of.

Gingerbread House Molds

Upgrade the way you make gingerbread houses every year by ordering custom molds to use exclusively with house building. There are a number of mold ideas that you can select from to use for a house design. For example, you can have a custom mailbox mold made with your family name on the mailbox. This is a great edible display for the front of the gingerbread house. Other housing designs to consider includes custom chair molds, door molds, or features from your real home like a pet or lawn ornament. Once the molds are created, you can forever cast your custom gingerbread house creations.

Stocking Stuffer Molds

Fill holiday stockings with custom chocolates that are catered to the ones you love. Rubber chocolate molds can be made into all types of small designs. Once the finished candy is wrapped in plastic or foil, it can easily slide into a stocking. For example, you can have a custom mold made of your own coin. Use a picture of yourself to feature on the coin mold and add your own denomination. Once the candy is formed, you can wrap it in silver or gold foil to replicate a real coin.

Work with a rubber mold company, by visiting a site like, to make your ideas come to life. The molds themselves can also make memorable Christmas presents for other candy makers in your life. It may take a few months to design and process your mold order, so it's important to plan them well ahead of time.