Air compressors need maintenance, just like every other piece of equipment out there. It allows your air compressor to stay healthy and work well for years to come. If you have no idea how to maintain an air compressor, here are some tips that you need to know.

Read Your Manual

Many people will buy something and then toss the manual in the trash with the packaging. However, your manuals contain information that you need to read to make sure you maintain your air compressor properly. For example, if your air compressor comes with a warranty, there might be stipulations you need to follow to ensure your warranty remains active. For example, your manual might state that you have to clean specific parts to keep the warranty active, and you don't want to realize that after you make a claim.

Tighten Nuts & Bolts

Your air compressor has many nuts and bolts that fasten all the parts together. As you use it, the air powering through your air compressor loosens them over time. Make sure you use a wrench and check to make sure everything is nice and snug. If a part flies off while it's on, it could be extremely dangerous.

Replace Damaged Hoses

Over time, your hoses on your air compressor can begin to wear and crack. The air will begin to come out of the cracks and your air compressor won't be as effective. You can purchase replacement hoses from the company's website or a home improvement store.

Change the Air Filter

Just like anything else that air runs through, your air compressor has an air filter. The air filter keeps dust and debris from running through your air compressor and damaging it. If the air filter gets clogged, it will have to work harder while it's on, which can lead to it wearing out faster and not working as effectively. You should change the air filter every six months. If your air pressure begins to drop before then or if you use your air compressor often, you might need to change it sooner.

Change the Oil

If your air compressor uses oil, you need to change it just like you would in a vehicle. If you don't, the oil will begin to gunk up and it won't properly lubricate the moving parts. When you change the oil, you need to make sure you strictly use air compressor oil. Oil for different equipment is made differently, so you can cause serious damage if you don't use the right type. How often you change the oil depends on how often you use your air compressor. It's recommended that you change the oil every 300 hours or so of use. Depending on how often you use the compressor, this could be every few months or every few years.

Drain Moisture

Air compressors tend to build up moisture inside of the tank, especially in humid climates. This is because as air runs through your air compressor, the water vapors in the air begin to build up in the tank. If you never drain your air compressor, it could eventually completely fill up with water. Air compressors come with a drain valve to allow you to drain the water build-up quickly. It's usually a metal piece under the tank that you simply turn with a wrench to open up. Just open it up and let the water drain out. If the water sits in the tank long enough, it will probably smell like mildew and contain some tank rust. If you like to keep your garage floor nice, consider draining the tank in the grass or over a drain if you have one at the edge of your yard.

Air compressors aren't difficult to maintain. You just need to make sure that you keep everything tightened, and make sure it has clean air filters and oil. Keep the water out of it and all the nuts and bolts tightened up. Don't forget to read your manual to ensure there isn't something else you need to do to keep your warranty valid.

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