When working with electronics that have sensitive circuit boards, static electricity can cause catastrophic damage. Small static charges that come from your hands when repairing things like computers and mobile devices can cause unrepairable damage. Therefore, static control is important for anyone assembling or repairing devices with circuit boards. Here are some of the best solutions to prevent static electricity from ruining your work:

1. Anti-Fatigue Mats for Standing Workspaces and Assembly Lines

In some cases, you may not be sitting at a workbench to do repairs to circuit boards. You may have special equipment that requires you to be standing when you use it, or a counter space where you attend to clients bringing devices in to be repaired. An anti-fatigue mat is a good solution in these areas to make the workspace more comfortable and prevent stress on joints like knees from standing on a hard surface all day. The anti-fatigue mats are also a good solution for workstations in assembly lines where works are standing as they complete their tasks.

2. Chair or Floor Mats for Sitting at A Workbench to Do Repairs

Usually, if you repair small electronics and computers, you will be sitting at a workbench or desk to do repairs. Static electric charge happens when your feet are grounded, and chair mats will prevent this from happening while you are working at your desk. These are also called floor mats because they usually lay on the floor, but are the same thing. The mat is a type of vinyl mat that prevents you from becoming grounded when your feet contact the floor where you are sitting.

3. Table Mats to Keep Workspace on Workbenches Free of Static Electricity

While a floor or chair mat will help prevent you from being grounded while your feet touch the floor, you may still meet surfaces that do not have static protection, such as a workbench made of metal and contacting the floor. Table mats are used on a desk or bench to prevent this from happening.  It is a good idea to use a table mat anywhere where you diagnose problems with electronics and complete the repairs. Using a table mat also protects electronics from the raw surface of your workspace.

Using products to prevent static charge will ensure you do not destroy expensive electronics while doing repairs. Contact a dealer of ESD table mats to ensure you are not grounded when repairing electronics devices.