A new aluminum fuel tank is great when you first get it. Not only is it not as heavy as a steel tank and therefore can be more fuel-efficient, you may imagine cleaning it isn't too tough. While that may be true, you still need to concentrate on these suggestions.

Use Soapy Water First

Starting the cleaning process with water and soap is smart. Dip a rag into soapy water and wipe off the entire tank liberally. At this point you're not necessarily trying to scrub; you're just trying to take off the outer layers of grime and dirt so that further steps are more effective.

Avoid Muriatic Acid

You may run across online anecdotes or know of people who use muriatic acid as part of their fuel tank cleaning process. Acids are reputed to help get rid of the dirty brown look oxidation can cause. However, this can often be bad for the tank in the long run. That's because muriatic acid is very strong, even when diluted, and can interact with the aluminum in a way that makes it weaker or brittle. It could eat away at the fuel, making it easier to fail. Not only that, but the fumes can be rather toxic; inhaling those fumes or leaving them lingering in the air isn't healthy for anyone.

A safer and gentler choice is a bit of lemon juice and vinegar. The lemon contains citric acid and the vinegar contains some acetic acid, but these are generally weaker and less likely to damage your tank.

Use Baking Soda

Stubborn stains aren't easy to address. You might think it's best to pull out some steel wool and scrub away, but that could cause permanent little scratches along the surface where dirt can settle and make it much harder to cleanse in the future. Instead, work with gentle baking soda and a wet cloth.

Rinse at the End

When cleaning is done to your liking, the last thing you'll have to do is a final rinse. This final rinse guarantees there's not a film of acid or baking soda left on the tank. When that's done, ensure it fully dries for at least a day or two before re-installing it and using it.

Once you clean your aluminum fuel tank well, you can get back to using it. For more tips, consult an industrial shop, tank retailers, such as Allen-Jac corporation, or others who own and use these kinds of tanks.