Most companies move a large volume of product through their loading docks. When loading and unloading a lot of cargo, having access to a hand truck can be beneficial. Hand trucks allow employees to move heavy loads without increasing the amount of physical strain required to successfully load or unload a truck.

Here are three tips that you can use to help purchase the right hand truck for use on your company's docks in the future.

1. Take the environment into consideration.

Before you invest in a hand truck, it's important that you carefully consider the environment in which this piece of equipment will operate. If your hand truck will be used both indoors and outdoors, then you need to look for a model with a weather-resistant frame.

Many hand trucks feature a metal frame that could corrode when exposed to the elements over time. Purchasing a hand truck designed specifically for both indoor and outdoor use will ensure that your equipment remains functional well into the future.

2. Consider handling abilities.

Once a hand truck is fully loaded with heavy products, it can become more difficult to handle. You want to ensure that your employees can easily maneuver your loaded hand truck so that this piece of equipment serves as a valuable asset on your docks.

Look for a hand truck that features a P-shaped handle in the center of the truck's body. This type of handle design will allow for maximum maneuverability while ensuring that the weight of the load placed on your hand truck remains evenly distributed during transit.

3. Think about the terrain.

Another important consideration that must be made before you invest in a hand truck for your loading docks is the type of terrain that the truck will be asked to navigate. If your loading dock features uneven surfaces, you will need a hand truck whose tires are equipped to handle this type of rough terrain.

Look for a hand truck with solid rubber tires that will not pop or become deflated as they are exposed to sharp rocks and uneven surfaces. The right tires will help to ensure that your hand truck remains a vital asset to the employees working on your loading dock in the future.

Investing in the right hand truck can have a positive impact on the flow of products moving through your loading dock. Be sure that you are looking for a hand truck with a weather-resistant frame, a P-shaped handle, and solid rubber tires.