There are many types of woods that you could use to build your deck. However, you may not have considered the many benefits of redwood. This pricier wood type is perfect for decks for a variety of reasons. Even better, you can actually prepare it yourself if you take the right steps for sizing and cutting your boards.

Redwood Stands Out Among Deck Wood Types

While some homeowners may prefer pine or other less expensive types of wood for their decks, serious builders often turn to redwood for decks. In fact, it is becoming one of the most popular types of wood available for decks because of its many high-quality benefits. Understanding these advantages can help you decide if redwood is right for you or if you want cheaper and less sturdy wood for your decks.

Reasons To Consider Redwood

Redwood lumber is a popular decking supply because it is very resistant to weathering damage. It is usually the most durable of all types of decking wood materials. In fact, applying a little stain and performing occasional maintenance procedures on it is typically all you need to make sure that it stays in great shape for decades.

It is particularly nice if you are looking to great an all-natural style that highlights your home. Redwood maintains its grain and its color longer than other types of wood. As a result, it is perfect for people who live in a woodsy area or homes with wood siding.

Cutting Redwood Lumber For Your Deck

Once you get redwood lumber for your deck, you can get it sized in a few ways. First of all, you can have the decking supplies company cut it to size for you. This step is a good idea if you want to save a little time and avoid accidents in cutting that can otherwise occur. However, you can also cut redwood lumber for your deck on your own.

For example, you need to store your redwood in a dry area that won't get wet before you cut it. A good place is inside of your home or a sealed garage. Then, you need to measure out the proper board lengths and use a sharp blade for whatever saw you are using. Unlike with some types of harder woods, it is better to use a very sharp tool when cutting redwood.

And make sure that you don't try to force the cut as you go. Pushing the saw while it cuts will more likely cause the blade to bind up in the wood or fail. These steps are important because they help to ensure that your redwood is cut effectively and without serious mistakes. As a result, your deck will be beautiful when you finish building it.