If you are starting a construction project at your home, you know you are going to need a lot of materials of different types. You have two options: go to the hardware store and buy what is needed or to have it all delivered. If at all possible, it would be best to order all the needed materials and have them delivered at once. However, if you are going to do this, you need to have a plan for how to receive the construction material delivery. Here are some tips to prepare for the incoming supplies.

Clear the Area

Consider the amount of material and how much room it will take. Lumber can take up a lot of space. Be sure to have an area cleared of everything else to put the delivery. You will also need to be sure to have a clear pathway to this spot. Try to make it as close to the work area as possible, but keep everything out of where you will be actually working.


If you will be storing the materials outside, you will need to have some protection to keep it from the elements. You will need to have pallets, tarps, and ropes. Place the items on tarp-covered pallets, and then use more tarps to cover everything. Use ropes or bungee cords to secure the tarps. The smaller items, like nails and screws, can be taken inside and stored in a box.


You need to keep track of everything you have. As the construction materials are delivered be sure to count everything. As it is stored, put a copy of the inventory with it. As items are used, mark the inventory paper so you always know what and how much you have on hand. Any time you get another delivery, be sure to add it onto the running inventory. This will make it easy to keep track of how much you have spent and how much you still need if you were not able to purchase everything at once.

It is important to keep track of your construction materials for your project. This will ensure that you are not running out of things when you need them. You will know when a certain item is running low and be able to order more and get it to the site. If you have a blueprint with a list of materials needed (and you should have this before starting any project, even if you make it yourself) you will know how much more is needed to complete the project if you keep good inventory. This will make sure you do not overspend and end up with things you do not need.